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Hey There,

As the founder and developer of AYRE Realty, my motto has always been "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION COMES FIRST."

I'm Yuri, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in Business Management, Leadership, Project Management, and, of course, Real Estate.

My passion lies in revolutionizing the real estate industry by prioritizing client needs above all else. Through AYRE, I've implemented a methodology for the entire team that ensures smooth processes and facilitates decision-making, all with the ultimate goal of helping clients find their dream homes.

My Story

Yuri's journey kicked off at Western New England University in Massachusetts, where he enthusiastically pursued degrees in Business Administration with a focus on International Business and Economics. Surrounded by a vibrant academic community, Yuri soaked up knowledge about global markets and economic principles. With this valuable foundation, he set out into the professional world, eager to put his skills to work and make a real difference.

After tossing his cap at graduation, Yuri dove headfirst into the world of retail management. His knack for leadership and sharp strategic thinking quickly caught the eye of his peers, propelling him up the career ladder. Eventually, Yuri found himself landing the role of General Manager in Houston, Texas, after a successful leap from the Northeast. Here, he fine-tuned his talents in managing operations, nurturing team spirit, and ensuring every customer went home with a smile. Little did he know, these experiences were just the warm-up for his next big adventure in the real estate world.

As the founder and developer of AYRE, Yuri's motto has always been "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION COMES FIRST." With extensive experience in Business Management, Leadership, Project Management, and Real Estate, Yuri is committed to driving positive change and setting new standards for excellence in the industry.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Yuri cherishes spending quality time with his family, kicking the soccer ball around, and keeping fit at the gym. He prides on his multicultural experience, as he has had the chance to visit over 25 different countries across 4 continents.

Yuri's heart beats for transforming the real estate landscape by placing client satisfaction at the forefront of everything he does. With AYRE, he's crafted an approach that streamlines processes and empowers clients to make confident decisions, all with one goal in mind: turning their dream homes into reality.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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